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Tired of spending $100’s on games?

Find the best deals available in cash or game trades.

Have games laying around building up dust?

Why not trade them for the games you want.

Fed up with playing the same games?

Easily view received offers you have for your games.

Have no games to trade and want to find a cheap deal?

Make a cash offer with the click of a button.

Need extra cash for the weekend?

Accept a cash offer received for your games.

I’ve been an avid Gamer since a young age, growing up in the UK there were several stores to trade your old games, but the return value has always been poor. Now partnered with today’s technology, I’ve created Game Tradar Ltd.
Game Tradar Ltd was created as the Ultimate solution to game trading, saving gamers money whilst adding value to second hand games.

David Flemons


Game Tradar was created to save gamers money and for gamers to receive the best value for their games in an easy, straight-forward way. The app uses a unique system that allows gamers to trade, purchase or sell video games:

List the games you own:

  • No need to take pictures, just click on the description that best matches your game and select if it has a case.

  • Review any offers Game Tradar has made for your games.

  • Accept and complete an offer and we’ll ship you the game. List the games you want:

    • Search for the game you want.

    • Make an offer in Cash or Game trades.

    • Game Tradar will review, and accept or decline the offer.

    • Complete the trade and we’ll ship you the trade.

Game Tradar was proudly built and operates from Auckland, New Zealand. The app is currently available for use in New Zealand only.

Yes, the app is currently completely free to use.

Firstly you must download our app via the ‘play store’ or ‘app store’ then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on ‘Create Account’ and add your details.

  2. Add all of the games you own.

  3. Make offers for the games you want, these can be in game trades or cash.

If you recently purchased a new release which can cost in excess of $100, your likely to receive almost half in trade value in store, why not list your game on Game Tradar to see what we would offer.

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